Fall 2002

Staff Writer
The TCU Magazine

Moonlighter to Entrepreneur


Need a valet for your fancy dinner party? Or someone to stand in line to buy your movie tickets? How about a reliable person to get your Mustang to your summer home in New England?

Warren Prescott '96 is your man.
With his Rent A Frog businesses, no job is too big or too odd. And you might be surprised at the demand more than 2,000 gigs a year with the majority of his business coming from word-of-mouth. His impressive client base includes the Basses, Moncriefs, Walshes and Texas Rangers catcher Pudge Rodriguez.

Prescott's venture started shortly after he graduated. He was working full time at a temporary staffing agency while parking cars on the side. Soon, his moonlighting became so busy he hired someone to take orders for him while he was at work. "It reached a point where I needed to do it full time or cut it off," he said.

Now, it's grown into three separate businesses employing about 400, mostly college and seminary students, with a fourth venture in the works. First came Rent A Frog Valet. Then, he split off (for legal reasons) the bartending, furniture moving and lawn jobs into a second company called Event Staff. Recently, he's opened a second car-parking outfit. Golden Triangle Valet, to tap the Northeast Tarrant County market. He's also trying to create an auction business, in which college students can buy and sell furniture on the cheap.

Prescott still manages to get behind the wheel occasionally, but mostly he handles the incoming jobs, assigning them to his employees using software specially tailored to run his business. "I'm not a behind the desk kind of guy. I had to work when I was in college and I remember being without money but willing to work to earn some," he said. "At the time I was cursing my parents for having me work, but now I thank them because I wouldn't be where I am today."