Monday September 21, 1998

Staff Writer
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Greater Opportunities

To Handle Seasonal Demand, Plan and be Flexible

As the owner of Rent A Frog College Personnel Service, battling seasonal demand has been a blessing in disguise. A majority of our employees are working part-time while taking a full load of classes at Texas Christian University - hence the name, "Rent a Frog."

Our primary revenue stream used to be valet parking for private parties throughout the Metroplex. However, the busy months, September through May, left a big chunk of the year where we just weren't making money. Our seasonal demand problem forced us to rethink how we could utilize our employees' strengths.

People now call Rent A Frog for just about everything you can imagine. We now routinely accommodate such jobs as accounting/finance internships, college temporaries, lawn mowing, home computer support and upgrades, bartending, moving, and the list goes on and on. Our employees are capable of doing such a wide range of jobs that we can accommodate most anything within our insurance constraints.

As a TCU alumnus, I'm pleased to offer these students a wide variety of experiences. Our seasonal demand problem has unearthed a whole new market and made us one of the most diversified companies in town.