Thursday August 31, 2000
Reagan Duplisea
Skiff Staff
TCU Daily Skiff

Students 'Rented' to do Odd-Jobs

Rent A Frog Puts New Spin on Employment

In this day and age of rental cars, rental movies and rental furniture, it seems like everything may be "borrowed" for a fee. But who would want to rent a Frog? Many people, apparently.

Averaging 25 orders a week. Rent A Frog of Fort Worth is a local company that rents out employees - many who are TCU Horned Frogs - for a variety of tasks and odd jobs.

Rent A Frog's pool of employees includes computer science majors who can help troubleshoot, math majors who can tutor high school algebra students and business majors who can assist with filing, accounting and marketing support. "Begun in the late 1980s as a TCU MBA project, the company has changed ownership and now employs many college and seminary students from the Dallas/Fort Worth area," said Warren Prescott, Rent A Frog's current president and owner.

The most common orders send Frogs valet parking, landscape working or tutoring. However, they don't provide baby-sitting or chauffeuring services because of insurance liability, he said. Rates vary depending on the job. "It's crazy in a fun way," said Prescott, a 1996 TCU alumni and former student worker. "You're not doing the same thing every day." Prescott said Rent A Frog is an ideal job for college students because those on staff call in and say what hours and days they would be available for work. They don't have to worry about scheduling around tests or social events, he said. "The whole point of this is to have a job that works conveniently for you," Prescott said. Jeff Wilson, a senior history major, said he likes the flexibility of working for Rent A Frog. He usually works one job a week. "It's the best college job you can get," Wilson said.

Rent A Frog also assists in volunteer placement for organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. "Frogs have even been known to rent their fellow Frogs," Prescott said. The company often receives many calls around this time of year for help with moving into dorms or apartments. Cody Edge, a junior accounting major, said he became involved with Rent A Frog through his fraternity. "A lot of the guys use it to earn extra cash," he said. "I like it because you are able to pick what jobs you want to work, and you can work with your friends."

However, Prescott said the employees' flexibility and willingness to take any job can get messy. "A lady called from Denton who had a mouse go through the spin cycle in her dishwasher. She wanted someone to clean it up," Prescott said. Edge said he and his fellow employees are often hired to wait in lines for people. They often camp out overnight for concert tickets or for parents who want to enroll their children in local schools. "We even bring ice chests," he said.

Although the company employs between 175 and 250 workers during the school year, Prescott said, they are always looking for new Frogs to rent. However, the Frogs must be clean cut, well mannered and punctual.